Citi Transparency Tool - Assess the Properties, Costs, and Risks of Citi products

1. Properties BEST Turbo's Limited Turbo's Turbo's Relevant Document
Strike Price = Barrier Yes Yes No Brochure - page 5
Residual Value No No Possible * Brochure - page 5
Expiry Date No Yes No Brochure - page 15
2. Costs BEST Turbo's Limited Turbo's Turbo's Relevant Document
Spread Yes Yes Yes Product List - Bid/Ask Spread
Interest Rate Correction Yes No Yes Brochure - page 7
Gap Risk Value Yes Yes No Brochure - page 10
Transaction Costs Yes Yes Yes Broker
3. Risks Relevant Document
Leverage Brochure - page 5
Knock-Out Brochure - page 20
Trading Hours / Knock-Out Times Trading and Knock-Out hours information
Gap Brochure - page 10
Dividend Brochure - page 6
Currency Risk (If the underlying is in a foreign currency) Brochure - page 20
Liquidity Base Prospectus Pg B9
Technology Base Prospectus Pg B8
Exceptional Adjustements of the Strike and Knock-Out barrier Base Prospectus Pg B5
Hedging the positions of the issuer Base Prospectus Pg B9
Risk of Citi default Base Prospectus Pg B10
Additional risk when investing with a high leverage effect.

Turbo's (Limited and/or BEST Turbo's) offer no guaranty in capital. The leverage effect of Turbo's works both upwards and downwards. The value of Turbo's (Limited and/or BEST Turbo's) can strongly vary and Turbo's (Limited and/or BEST Turbo's) can partially or totally lose their value. For Turbo's (Limited and/or BEST Turbo's) with a high leverage effect, the knock-out level is close to the price level of the underlying. The investor suffers therefore additional risk since a high leverage can increase the negative return if the investor’s scenario is not validated. This implies that the risk of reaching the knock-out level is higher. This risk increases for the investor with longer holding periods. When the knock-out level is reached, the Limited and BEST Turbo's have no residual value. The investment return will always be negative when the knock-out level is reached. This implies that the risk that the investor has to suffer a negative return with Turbo's (Limited and/or BEST Turbo's) is higher with Turbo's with a higher leverage than with Turbo's with a lower leverage. Turbo's (Limited and/or BEST Turbo's) are only suitable as a short term investment for experimented and active investors with understanding of the characteristics and risks of Turbo's (Limited and/or BEST Turbo's).

The investors are advised before investing in Turbo's (Limited and/or BEST Turbo's) to consult the description, risk factors and costs as set out in the Base prospectus and determine whether (Limited and/or BEST) Turbo's are suitable for them. The Base prospectus of Citi (Limited and/or BEST) Turbo's is approved by the BaFin (the German financial regulator) and passported to the AFM.

The prospectus, the related supplements and the final terms can be obtained from Citigroup Global Markets Europe AG, New Issues and Structuring, Frankfurter Welle – Reuterweg 16 – 60323 Frankfurt am Main, Germany and are available on
(*) Residual value is the difference between the stop-loss level and the strike, multiplied by the ratio, minus the loss of the issuer upon the closing of the hedged position within 120 minutes after the stop-loss.
Turbos are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 7 out of 10 retail investor accounts lose money when trading turbos. You should consider whether you understand how turbos work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.


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